SEO is all about developing a business online. Something I've been doing for a long time. You need to engage and build an online business and we're the people with the know-how, experience and capability to help you.

Search Engine Optimisation has changed a lot since I started using it to promote businesses in 2001. The biggest changes have come from Google of course - when it changes its Ranking algorithms, you have to adapt or slip away. Fortunately, through most Google updates our sites have always been able to stay at the top. Through working on hundreds of different domains all over the world targeted at every conceivable market and industry, I've developed a great understanding of how Google works and how to get traffic. SEO is a part of a bigger online marketing umbrella - it's all about building an online marketing programme - bringing people to your website in order to make sales.
So why do I like SEO so much? SEO has got to be, in most cases, one of the most cost effective ways of building an online business. I've built a lot of online businesses over the last few years and I've worked with many more. I understand the way people find websites, why and how to sell to them. SEO (and its close cousin Pay-Per-Click, also known as AdWords or sponsored links) brings people to you when they are looking for you - it's the opposite of broadcasting to thousands of people who aren't..!
Since working on my last project, Primary Position (which has been one of the highest and most consistently ranked SEO sites in Ireland for years), I've decided to expand to what I see are the next levels of SEO, which I see as:
  • SEO - Online Business Development
  • SEO - Advanced Web Development
  • SEO, Online Marketing and Social Media
  • Corrective SEO - have you been using an SEO who made wild claims and delivered little? You may need to consider a corrective SEO Programme
  • Pre-SEO - Are you planning a web business that won't launch for 3 or more months? Or do you want to expand your business
As with any SEO programme, we do not offer guarantees or promises. We do offer lots of referees for you to talk to however. It's important to understand that the very nature of SEO is likely to change - so what we may consider important steps now may not be the same priority a few months later. But that's why we're here - to make those decisions and take the appropriate changes when needed.